The Gourds @ The Saint, Asbury Park NJ


The Gourds Live 10.2.11

Great show last night in the dirty Jerz from the Boys.  New tunes fell seamlessly in with the classic gems. On a sunday night, with a small crowd and a whole lot of band and crowd banter, The Gourds put on what some were calling “the best show of the tour so far.”

Can’t wait for the Philly show tomorrow night at the World Cafe Live.  Don’t want to miss it if your in the Philadelphia area.

Here’s the setlist from last night:


The Gourds Live

The Saint

Asbury Park, NJ





Luddite Juice

Ink and Grief

Pill Bug Blues


All In The Pack

Cranky Mullato

Hooky Junk

Drop What I’m Doing

Drop The Charges

Everybody’s Missing The Sun (Nils Lofgren banter)

Burn The Honeysuckle

Your Benefit (post-ironic classic rock)

You Must Not Know >>

Peppermint City

Two Sparrows

Layin Around The House


My Name Is Jorge

Lower 48



All The Labor

Blood Of The Ram >>

Subway Train (New York Dolls  cover)

The Gourds @ The Saint
Kevin and Jimmy
  • Wow, that is a sick setlist. Totally could be the show of the tour, you lucky bastard.


    October 4, 2011

  • Yeah dude, It was a sick show. A little surprising cause it was a small crowd on a sunday night. But Dem boys always bring it and surprise me! Ton of band banter throughout. And The new songs sound great live; and they def have a great time playing them.
    You’ll get a kick out of this: quote of the night by Keith Langford. I was talking to him after the show about the setlist and the songs they played, he says “If it was up to me I’d play Laying Around the House every night. Jimmy’s not always up to it though.”
    Thought that was great!

    Did you get a chance to see them in Mass? what do you think of Old Mad Joy?

    Shady Groove

    October 5, 2011

  • Old Man Joy is growing on me as all these older albums do. I did not get to see them in Mass. Old Man Joy is a rock album. And in that capacity it is fun. The songs are well written and produced kind of reminds me of the Stones. I miss just acoustic accordion and mandolin. Claude plays accordion on ONE song. There is mandolin on TWO songs. However, the steel guitar solo on Sparrows and Haunted. Ink and grief and Eyes of a child are good tunes. Peppermint City is funny. The album is good. Jimmy is really taking control.


    October 6, 2011

  • Sorry the steel solos are awesome


    October 6, 2011

  • That is really similar to how i feel about the new album. The first thing i said to Dan was that “I need more accordion!”

    I too miss the “old” gourds sound, however Old Mad Joy is a great one. Jimmy’s songs are cool. Classic Jimmy. “Mumblin slackers waltz” is what someone described it as. Peppermint city is awesome live. So is Melchert, Haunted. Hell, they all rock.

    Shady Groove

    October 6, 2011

  • here’s the audio from the asbury park show…


    November 5, 2012

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