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Happy Birthday Mr. Dylan!

Today is Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday and Shady Groove would like to celebrate.  Let’s take today to celebrate his life, his music, his influence.  It’s funny that almost every radio station you turn the dial to today is playing either a Dylan song or a cover of one of his.  Makes me wonder what Bob is doing today.  Imagine your birthday is a worldwide celebration of your life’s work.  Do you listen and celebrate too? Do you try to get away from it all?  I’d have to say that its most likely the latter.

Regardless, let play some Dylan tunes, listen to some Dylan covers, break out your old records, watch some video’s.  Here’s one of my favorite vids:


Song Writing Insights from Keith Richards….

Songs are strange things.....If they stick, they stick. With most of the songs I've ever written, quite honestly, I've felt there's an enormous gap here, waiting to be filled; this song should have been written hundreds of years ago. How did nobody pick up on that little space? Half the time you're looking for gaps that other people haven't done. And you say, I don't believe they've missed that f'ing hole! It's so obvious. It was there staring you in the face! I pick the holes.

from Keith Richards' "Life", page 304