This is Shady Groove.

We are the hippest of hip.

We are the coolest of cool.

In a nutshell we are a self-indulgent, narrated mix tape. We aim to please.

We play and comment on only the best of rock, country, folk, blues, r&b, soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop.

It is to my belief that there is a ton of great music out there hidden to the ears of the iTunes nation.  Those that listen to pop radio will not hear it. Those that download individual songs, the most popular songs on the radio, it will pass by.  I’m into the b-sides, the rare tracks, the songs that are not on a loop at W-whatever you listen to.

Albums are created by artists to tell a story, a musical journey through the songwriting and instrumental past, present, and future for a given artist at a given time.  They put a lot of time and energy into deciding the order in which the tracks are put on an album.  For this reason, we should aim to listen to the songs, in succession, all the way through.

This is why were here.

So listen, comment, share, enjoy.

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”