Freedom of ’76

Dear Shady Groove readers and listeners,

I hope you all had a great Independence day. You may have caught some fireworks, maybe even blew some stuff up yourselves. Anyway, we all get back to the grind this week and as I drove back into this wonderful city of brotherly love, I was reminded of how great it has been to live here. I tip my hat to Philadelphia. Great history, great music, great food, great city. So, thanks for celebrating with me. And thanks for listening to Shady Groove.


This song has been in my head all weekend. Hillarious old video. Local boys, Gene and Dean Ween doing Freedom of 76. Going all the way back to 1994. Pure Guava was still a new album and they had just written this song which will appear on Chocolate and Cheese. An ode to Philly. Enjoy:

  • Mannequin was filmed at Woolworths…

    So great.

    Matty V

    August 5, 2011

  • No doubt dude. Ive been on a big Ween kick since then.

    A Bacon steak, a perfect match.


    August 5, 2011

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