Cake at the Keswick Theatre, Glenside PA 4.18.11

Some may call it “geek rock”, some may call them the “greenest” band on the planet, some may call them post-alternative rock. Whatever the moniker, the band that calls themselves Cake knows how to put on a show. The seasoned veterans put on a monster show Monday night at the Keswick.

The normally tame Keswick crowd was brought to life by the band.  John McCrea, the lead singer/songwriter lead the charge, seemingly almost forcing the crowd to get involved.  Although the Cake faithful were more than happy to oblige…

The band that has notoriously been anti-establishment, anti-big business for 20 years now has slowly but surely built a loyal following that like to have a good time.

Cake’s new album, Showroom of Compassion, marks its 6th carefully crafted, self-released, studio album. (Thier albums are known to take months, even years.  As McCrea puts it “this band is a domocracy, and democracy takes a long time.)  It is a great one….be sure to check it out if you get a chance.

Here is the setlist from Monday night:
Sad songs & waltzes
Frank Sinatra
Arco Arena
Opera singer
Bound Away
Long Time
Shaddow Stabbing
Ruby Sees All
Satan is my Motor
(public acknowledgement that there is a dark side)
*Epic Crowd involvement*
Mustache Man (wasted)
Sheep go to heaven


Federal Funding
Love You Madly
Rock n roll lifestyle
(Thrills)**Gave away an apple tree** for answering the question “the declaration of independence was written on parchmet…what was the parchment made of?” A: sheep skin
Sick of you
*massive crowd involvement*
Italian Leather Sofa
Never there

crowd started chanting “need more cake!”!!

Short skirt long jacket
The Distance

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