Happy Birthday Mr. Young!

Shady Groove would like to give a big Happy 65th Birthday to one of the most influential musicians of his generation, Neil Percival Young.

Neil has been one of the most prolific and singer/songwriter ever and he has a body of work that is surpassed only by Bob Dylan. Since he released his first album with Buffalo Springfield in 1968 up through this year, he has been writing and performing. His work has as a musician has spanned 40 years and 34 studio albums, which is only a portion of his full catalog.

The constant experimentalist, Neil has tried out many different musical styles. He has also been known as Bernard Shakey, Phil Perspective, Shakey Deal, Clyde Coil, Shakey, Joe Yankee, Joe Canuck, and his influence on alternative rock and grunge even led some to dub him “the Godfather of Grunge”.

Lets give a tribute to this wonderful songwriter and musician. Tonight’s the night to pop on your favorite Neil album and let it spin. I’ll start with one of his finest. Check this out from Harvest.

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