Happiest Birthday Mr. Marley



Praise to the most be high. Jah. Rastafari.

So they shut down Bob Marley’s Annual Birthday Bash in Jamaica because of a noise violation.  Really? Are you kidding me?  Where’s the love? After all he’s done for the country.  This morning, thousands woke up, ready to jam, and a curfew of 2am has canceled the party.  The real tragedy is that the promoter of the event, Clive Pringle, was named after a potato chip.  His legacy lives on. The 5-0 can’t shut down everyone trying to burn one down tonight, which is precisely what every ganj lover in america will do as soon as they here its Bob Marley’s B-day.  And they should.  We all should.  Might just see things differently, if only for a moment.

His music will live on.  That was what really mattered all along.  His music will always capture the freedom, faith, and devotion of struggling nations and people.  Soothing, but rebellious. Laid back and organic, but passionate.  It’s amazing that a man, a music, a tradition, a legacy can live for so long and grow so strong as Bob Marley’s has.  Such an iconic figure in his country, not to mention the history of popular music.  He once said:

Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold…

Wise words, Mr. Marley. I think we all could learn a little from this original gangsta.

Check this rare footage out:

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