Dust My Broom

There was kick ass show on Sirius channel 74 Bluesville yesterday. They were “goin deep”, as they say, with Robert Johnson’s old school blues tune, “Dust My Broom”. They played 30 versions yesterday followed by 20 MORE versions of the song today . Thats pretty intense. I sat there driving in the car and for the last hour of my drive they were solely playing different versions of Dust My Broom. Something tells me that if there are that many versions of a song, then it must be a damn good blues tune. All of them were bad-ass versions as well. Thats hot.

Needless to say that song has been running through my head for 2 days. Definitely had me ripping through my early blues albums. Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf; grandfathers of the blues. I have found the Elmore James version of Dust My Broom to be the best. He lends his raw, legendary slide guitar skills to his work. Check out the great big, intimidating Howlin Wolf on his version:

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