They’re Back

I gotta say, I’m impressed. The good old boys from Vermont just completed thier monstrous 3 night reunion in Hampton, Va. The event , 3 sold out shows left many fans more than elated. After proclaiming “We’re done” in 2004 after a farewell festival in Coventry, VT for 65,000, they were back. And back with a vengance. We all knew they would be. I think its great that now they are looking for a 2 phase to thier career as the pioneering jam band with Trey even proclaiming backstage that “they are trying to create a formula to keep playing for a long time.” They also have studio time booked to begin working on a new album.

In addition, for the Allman’s 40th anniversary run at the Beacon last night, Page and Trey appeared to lend their musical sound to the classics Southbound, I Know You Rider, and Elizabeth Reed.

So here’s a little taste of what went down this past weekend, and probably a taste of whats to come on this tour. Light one up, sit back, and enjoy. They are definitely back.

Check it:
Moma Dance

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