The Mix-Up

Keeping on the Jewish kick, I freakin love the Beastie Boys. We’re talkin about three jewish white guys from NYC who took the rap world by storm in the mid 80’s. First criticized by critics and hip hop musicians for being cultural pirates of sorts (especially because of thier beginnings as a punk band in 1981), the Beastie’s forged their own way and created a new post-punk, funky, psychadelic, pop, hip-hop sound that influenced a generation. Liscence to Ill was a surprising hit that paved the way for what I believe to be their best album, Paul’s Boutique. And although this LP did not recieve the accolades as its predecesor (in addition to it being a completely different sound), it did produce the ecclectic, freewheeling style that they are now known for. Check Your Head, Ill Communication, and Hello Nasty followed and were equally awesome and influential. They also released a jazzy, funky, exploratory instumental album in there called The In Sound From Way Out which I thought was great.

This leads me to thier new release, The Mix Up, which to be honest, I’m surprised hasn’t gotten more attention. Also an instrumental album, it showcases the BBoys musical skills, as they flow through numerous catchy grooves, and endless jazz and funk fused rhythms. There’s even a touch of reggae thrown in there. Great music to just chill, or be putzing around the house to. check it.

download: B For My Name

download: Off the Grid

download: The Cousin of Death

Couldn’t post some Beastie’s with out one of the classics. Here’s one of my favorites off of Paul’s Boutique:

download: Car Thief

  • Hey, yo thats for these nuggets. I have wanted to check this album out. A word of note: you are labeling dem tracks as mpthrizzle when they are actually .wma’s. You knows I hate dem .wma’s.

    grocery store feet

    December 14, 2007

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