How to Subscribe

Subscribe to The Shady Groove on your computer or mobile device for listening on-the-go. Our podcasts are always righteous, and always free. Here’s how:

Subscribe via iTunes:
Make sure you have iTunes installed on your Mac or PC, then click here to add Shady Groove to your podcast list. You may receive a dialog window asking if it’s OK to open iTunes. Just click OK, because it really is OK.

Subscribe on your iPhone
If you don’t want to sync your podcasts via iTunes on your home computer, you can manage them easily enough on your iPhone. Just grab Apple’s Podcasts App from the App Store. Once you have that installed, when you click this link, it should open up the Podcasts App and let you subscribe to the Shady Groove.

Subscribe on your Android
Grab your favorite podcast manager (BeyondPod is a good one) and add in a new podcast using our feed url:
You may also be able to click this link and have the podcast loaded for you automatically.

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