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Copa Mundial!

Hey ya’all! It’s been a few weeks but the Shadiest of all shady grooves is back and in action. If you didn’t know by now the Copa Mundial; that is the World Cup of soccer is in full effect. As many around the world focus their sights on the African nation of South Africa, we look to the pitch for the most exciting of all tournaments. Each nation that is represented is hoping that their team will be the one, and only one that can take home the Jules Rimet trophy. With the Cup’s knockout round quickly approaching, the world is trying to figure out which nation has the edge.

Germany had looked most dangerous before its shocking loss to Serbia. Netherlands, Argentina, and Brazil also looking like they could make a run at it. The US has looked good at times, but since being motivated by a second half, 2 goal comeback vs Slovenia they seem poised to make it to the knockout stage; provided they win against Algeria. Although, many factors in the last few days of the first round could decide which team advances or not. I just hope the US can start the game strong, instead of playing from behind as they usually do.

Not many african nations are having much success, which is a dissappointment to many of the host nation’s supporters. The South American nations are doing exceptionally well posting a record of 6-0-3 so far, which is very impressive.

Unfortunately the refereeing has become an issue with several matches outcomes being ill-decided by a referee’s decision. The US has suffered significantly following a poor call from a referee in which the US scored a game winner off of a set piece in the 85th minute of the Slovenia game. The call was bogus. Probably a “give back”, but regardless it was a poor call. The fact that he remained silent about his incorrect decision instead of admitting he was wrong did not do his character any good. The ref has since been given a poor rating by FIFA and will most likely not be working any more games. I have given him an uncool rating.

Also uncool in my book is the acting that goes on in these games. Many players from every nation could have been given oscars for their flailing antics on the field since the beginning of the cup. Truthfully, they could never get oscar points because most of the dives are so noticeably fake that every viewer in the world knows they are acting. At least make it good acting. It has become the shame of the sport. The not so beautiful game. They need to start fining players for every dive that they take. Screw the yellow cards because they are not working. It needs to be stopped and FIFA really needs to take action.

Now back to the good stuff. All in all I think the play has opened up since the first few games where teams were nervous and content with picking up a draw. We have seen some pretty exciting games and they will only get better. Now that most every game matters there are a lot of nations playing win or go home. It is safe to say that I am definitely having a great time. Lets see some more great goals!

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